White woman Dita von Teese wears a sari and South Asian jewelry despite the fact that she has no connection to South Asian culture at all.

White woman Dita von Teese decided to wear a bra rather than an actual blouse because who the fuck cares if she’s hypersexualizing brown women. 

White woman Dita von Teese has a history of using other people’s cultural dress in her burlesque shows because racism, cultural appropriation, and hypersexualization of WoC are completely made-up concepts.

Basically, how long before this bitch incorporates a sari into one of her damned burlesque routines and then proceeds to take it off for men with too much power and money? 


Let’s not forget the shadeism that this will contribute too, desi women have been suffering shitloads for not having skin fair enough and then these white women parade around in our clothing and people encourage it because “it looks more beautiful on their bodies/skin color.”

How long before I stop hearing, “don’t go out in the sun, if you tan then no one will marry you”?

As a brown girl who has huge appreciation for Dita Von Teese, allow me to butt into both of your very ignorant debates. This picture was taken in New Delhi where she was she invited by Indians to a ball that was held in her honor as the new brand ambassador of the liquor brand  Contreu. So no, there was no stripping of Sari for any men, rich or poor.

And the sari and blouse that she is wearing was actually presented to her by two Indian fashion designers under the same fashion house, ‘Shivan & Naresh’. She was also presented with 27 different Saris based on 9 color palettes which she wore throughout her stay. So your claim about her wearing a bra instead of a blouse and hypersexualizing brown women is completely irrelevent because it’s the Indians that designed it for her, not her. That’s not even a bra, it’s a corset which is something that she is well-known for. And oh wait, didn’t Bipasha Basu wear a bra-like blouse at the IIFA awards last year? Hmm

So no, this collection of Saris that she was presented with and very gracefully wore it has got nothing to do with her burlesque routines. In fact, by donning on these saris, she is actually helping to give more exposure to the Indian fashion designers to the world because the fact is, unless you’re Manish Malhotra, Indian designers do not get much help from the big names in the film industry .

You want to talk about color? A white woman being white?  Let’s talk about how Katrina Kaif even got into the film industry first okay? She’s a white woman who is portrayed as Indian in most of her films. She has to keep her hair dark and even has to tan or bronze up her body at times, so that she can look, ‘Indian’. I don’t see anyone screaming at the top of their lungs for that? In fact, she is working with the best names in the industry which shows that she is appreciated. And if someone is comparing your skin color to another woman of another race, that person is mental. Open your mouth and tell the person off the next time they criticize you for your skin color.

This picture is nothing more than Dita Von Teese in a Shivan & Narresh sari in New Delhi as the new ambassador of Contreu.

If you want change, then i think we’ve got to change our mentalities first as brown people because clearly, we’ve got issues.

well then. *sips tea*

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